Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

I worked at the junior high today and ran into one of Cassidy’s tennis coaches. She stopped me and said, “Your daughter was bad, bad, bad this morning”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Cassidy might not be perfect at home, but we've never heard a negative word about her from one single teacher since she started school. As a matter of fact, they usually rave about her being a great student and often compliment her excellent behavior. I always wonder if they're talking about the same kid. Ha! So, needless to say, I was stunned and not sure what she could've possibly done.

She proceeded to tell me that Cassidy came to school this morning with her arm wrapped in an ace bandage and informed her two tennis coaches that she had been injured playing football yesterday. She told them she wasn’t going to be able to play for the remainder of the season. The coach said she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was very upset because she had just gotten all of the tennis teams matched up with their partners (after stressing over it) and that her being injured would mess her plan all up. Cassidy eventually unwrapped her bandage and they realized it was a big joke. I was told that she put on a very, very convincing performance. That's my girl!

By the way, I found our first aid basket on her bedroom floor where she left it after rummaging through it for her props.

She hasn’t gotten home yet from school. I sure would love to pull a good one on her and am racking my brain. Hmmm....maybe I’ll tell her I’m pregnant.

Edited to add: I just heard Cassidy's version of the story.
She had it all planned out and apparently put a lot of thought into it yesterday. I usually drive her every morning but her dad took her today. Otherwise, I would've been in on this little prank ahead of time. So, she wrapped her arm before she left and went to athletics before school. She told her coaches that she had sprained her arm playing football. They wanted to know if she had gone to the doctor and what he had said. She said yes and that it was a sprain and that she couldn't play for three weeks. Her tennis partner got very upset because now she wouldn't have a partner and she didn't want to play singles. Cassidy had them all going and waited a few minutes before she unwrapped her bandage. Then she slowly waved her arm back and forth in the air at them and started laughing. They couldn't believe how well she had fooled them. I might have her take up acting.

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