Friday, April 11, 2008

Mandy the Mannequin

My boss brought Mandy to work two weeks ago and I'm still not used to her being there. Every time I open the office door I jump because she is the first thing I see sitting there on the couch. When I am at my desk her head is turned directly towards me. It's kind of creepy.

I asked him if he strapped her into his passenger seat and buckled her in. He said no, he just threw her across the backseat. We joked about how he could've used the HOV lane if he had thought about it.

He brought her to use in our display window. He would like to arrange her in a chair sitting among a bunch of empty beer bottles with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and some kind of anti-drug message to the kids.

Did I mention how creepy it is to have her staring at the back of my head all day?

By the way, she is wearing a pair of $400 shoes. Her original owner was somewhat wealthy and dressed her well. He used her to sit in front of a TV by a window in his house so it would appear someone was home when he was traveling. Personally, I prefer my two watch dogs.


Anonymous said...

ahh, she's too skinny for my likens. people that drink and smoke are usually sloppy and fat. and short on teeth ,,At least 'generally' the ones on the 'Cops' show are but she'd make a good prop to scare the kid's about the dangers of anorexia.

If you want to protect your house a fake dog that animates and barks amd sprays salive all over the place activated by a motion and sound detector would be better. love you all granpa/dad/paul

Anonymous said...

Owww!! hey Caden you need to milk this thing for all you can. A slushy ain't near enough.

When I was your age in about 1950 the barber accidently snipped a piece of my ear. Back in those day's if you had a barbers license you could also pratice medicine, so he stopped the bleading with a dirty towel ...

He then settled out of court with me by giving me two lollips. From 1950 to 2008 (adjusted for inflation) that would be worth at least 30 lollipops. So my advice is settle out of court but milk it for all you can. But then again if I had a Weasel (lawyer) maybe I'd of gotton like aaah 10 lollipops....

I'll be happy to represent you if your willing to share 50/50 on dbl cheeseburgers and doughnuts.

Hope you repair well..Love ya Caden ...Grandpapaul

Darla said...

I want her shoes!

Darla said...

I want her shoes!