Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sneeze

We had a surprise retirement party for my dad today. It was great seeing all of my aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of the family. Everyone had a great time.

We were taking pictures of my grandma with all of the great grandchildren. Click on each picture to enlarge it and get the full effect. Watch my son, Caden (in the very center). You can see by his facial expression that a sneeze is coming. Poor Jordan was right in his line of fire. (Not that she even had a clue). Cassidy totally cracks up and the 22-year-old (he's the ring leader) can't stop laughing. He's a mess!

Trevin is the one hugging my grandma who never, ever cracks a smile. He's a sweetheart but you sure can't tell from the pictures.

Oh, and the reason everyone is looking in different directions is because we had two or three people snapping pictures at the same time.

Isn't Lauren's new hair style cute? She hasn't had short hair since her ninth grade year.

Happy retirement, Dad!


Darla said...

goodness, everyone is growing up so fast! Seriously, does Trevin ever smile?!?! LOL!

Carri said...

Yes, they are!

For real! He always has that same expressionless look on his face. You never know if he's happy or mad. Ha!