Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Part II

Please first read the previous entry (below), as they go together.

We had an eventful evening at our house tonight. I took Cassidy to the ballpark then came back home. Les and Caden were watching a movie. Caden was sick with a monstrous stomach virus last week that really kicked his butt (literally), and he missed five days of school. He has tons of make up work to do. I had gotten some of his schoolwork on Thursday so he could get a head start on it over the weekend, but he still has some left to do. As soon I saw him in front of the TV I asked him if he had done his homework and he assured me that he had. So, we watched the movie.

After dinner and the movie I told him to start getting ready for bed. He did. Then he came back into the living room in a typical Caden total panic mode whining about how he still had eight pages of homework left to do. In an instant I was almost shaking and about to blow a gasket, which is not uncommon for me over things such as this. I had flat out asked him about the homework and he said he was done. I was pissed, really pissed and was about to start a ten minute ranting and raving session when he said, “April Fools”! He, like his sister, was very convincing. Once my blood pressure finally got back to normal I was able to laugh and tell him that he’d gotten me good.

When I picked Cassidy back up from the ballpark I told her about Caden’s prank and she thought it was funny. She told me that she had also tricked her entire tennis team into thinking they had to run laps because someone did something to get them in trouble and they all believed her. I was pretty impressed, but little did I know the best was yet to come.

She told me she had a really good prank to play on me but now that Caden had just gotten me she didn’t think I would believe her. I had to coax her into finally telling me what she had planned to do. OMG, it was a good one, too. So, she and I decided that we would play it on her dad instead. I knew he would never ever suspect that it was an April Fools joke. It was that good.

We got home and she fed the dogs and swept the kitchen. I kept waiting on her to move forward with the plan we had come up with in the car but she kept stalling. I went into the garage to do some laundry and she followed me out there. She told me she wasn’t sure she could do it without laughing and that she was scared. I didn’t blame her. As we started talking about it we both started laughing hard and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep a straight face either. Finally, I just went for it, knowing I had to keep it together. He was on the couch watching TV and it was getting late. It was now or never. So, I opened the door but she didn’t follow me in. I walked over to him and dropped a piece of paper down in his lap and said something like you’re never going to believe this. Then I started walking around the living room mumbling that I couldn’t freaking believe this and acting like I was ready to kill Cassidy while he read the paper. I walked back to the garage and said, “You better get your butt in here”. He was now sitting there and had a completely shocked and pissed off look on his face. She sat down in the chair and I sat down on the other couch. We both kept putting our hands over our eyes and faces looking down to keep from laughing. She had to act scared and I had to act mad. I asked her what she was thinking doing something like that and he asked her to explain exactly what had happened.

Okay, now I finally have to tell you what was on the paper. It was a real detention slip from her school signed by her teacher. It was official and it said that she had received detention for flipping off another student and yelling across the room. So, by now Les is pretty angry but he is so stunned I don’t think he knew exactly how to react. She has NEVER been in any trouble since she started school. NEVER. So, he tells her to explain to him exactly what happened. She tells him that they were having a big political debate and that this one kid was saying that he didn’t believe in God and that it just made her really angry. She said I’m sorry, I just got so mad. I made some comments like, “So what, that doesn’t give you the right to shoot the finger at him”. She would hang her head in shame and apologize and say she knows but she was just so mad. Let me add that Lauren heard the commotion so she came out of her room and was already aware that this was a joke. What she was not aware of was that I now knew. She still thought the original plan was in action. She was in the kitchen and said she had to get down on the floor and bury her face in her shirt to keep from laughing out loud.

Les got up and started pacing the living room floor and telling Cassidy that she had made all of us look bad by what she had done. He was going on about how Lauren works at her school, I also work at her school, that Caden will be going there next year, that he is a police officer and he doesn’t want people to associate our name with bad things like what she had done. The whole thing went on for several minutes and it took everything I had to keep from busting a gut. Every time I looked at Cassidy I could see the corners of her mouth curling up and how hard she was fighting a big grin, but we were both hanging in there. Right after he finished his speech about our family name and reputation we looked at each other and could no longer contain our laughter. We both just cracked up and Les was absolutely blown away once he realized it was an April Fools joke.

He literally bent over and slapped his forehead and was speechless. He just kept shaking his head but didn’t know what to say. Lauren came running out of the kitchen totally cracking up. Caden came running out of his room to see what all the commotion was about. OMG, it was priceless. Once he got over the fact that we got him, he said he couldn’t believe we hadn’t video taped it. I so wish we had. Cassidy kept high-fiving me and telling me what a good job I had done. Lauren couldn’t believe that I knew ahead of time. She thought I was really mad, too. Maybe I’ve actually got some acting ability, too.

I still can’t quit laughing every time I think about it. I’ll never forget his face when he realized it was a joke. This was a classic. Can you believe her teacher was cool enough to write that out for her making it so “official”? We will be laughing about this for a long time.

We have decided that Cassidy will be on lock-down next April 1st! We might have to chain her to her bed and muzzle her but she just can’t be trusted to leave this house or talk to anyone.

Check out the official detention slip. Bahahahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

youall are scary ...what an imagination. God only knows what your going to do next...A man aint got a chance in your house.. I love youall dad/grandpapaul

teresa said...

CASSI, you are my HERO! I LOVE it!