Monday, March 24, 2008

The End of a Long but Fun Day

Did I mention how much walking was involved? Or how crowded it was? The shows were awesome. Now I want a sea lion. I'm not so sure I could handle a killer whale but I'd sure love to pet one.

We got to the shows early enough to get good seats. The kids preferred being in the splash zone but us adults opted for higher, dryer ground. We were truly amazed as we watched the rows of seats begin to fill up, only to have a large groups of people rush in at the last minute trying to get people to let them squeeze in to a tiny space on their row. The ones who just forced their way in and plopped down made the other people extremely crowded. At first we thought it was just one group who had a lot of nerve, but we watched in disbelief as it happened over and over at each show. You should've seen the tiny spaces that people were trying to cram into. My brother and I had a small space between us because he was holding his son at the moment. One man asked me if he and his son could sit there and I told him it was taken. There were plenty of empty rows up higher. Why should we have to sit like sardines when these people come in at the last minute and want to be up close?

We had a very good time in spite of my whining. Someone was so worn out he managed to catch a few ZZZZ's at the sand pit. Boy, he sure can snore! Not that I have any room to talk.

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tay-tay said...

that was so fun