Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

On the way to baseball practice and after passing the new police station, the following conversation transpired between my husband, Les, and my son, Caden.

Caden: Wow, that’s a pretty big police station.

Les: Yes, it sure is. It is nice.

Caden: I wonder how many people are in there.

Les: I don’t know, they’re probably all working.

Caden: No, I mean bad guys, guys that are in jail.

Les: I don’t know, probably less than ten. You know, I’ve been to the DP jail before and I’ve never seen more than two people in their jail.

Caden: Y’all get a lot in your jail, don’t you?

Les: Yes, it’s usually between thirty and forty people.

Caden: Do they ever cuss at you or spit on you?

Les: No, they’re usually pretty quiet, except for the drunk ones.

Caden: They sell beer in jail?

Les: No, you big dork, they’re in jail because they’re drunk. I’m calling and telling your mom what you just said!

Caden: No, don’t! Please don’t!

One can only wonder if there would be less instances of “resisting arrest” if they actually sold beer in jail.


Kelli said...

That is hilarious!!! I'm going to jail if they sell beer there! LOL

Anonymous said...

Gee CArri, you and Caden seem to pose all the right questions. I got a real laugh out of both of know, maybe Caden and you should run for office uh-- president and you could be co-president...The way the country is going, just think how many votes you would get if you offered to give free beer to the (unwashed) masses. love youall dad/grandpapaul