Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Our apartment. (Third floor, far left window)

Us hanging out on the roof of our apartment. (aka as our yard, since we didn't have one) Notice we're BBQ'ing.

Look to the left of those suitcases and you can see the tiny edge of our itsy bitsy kitchen.

Lauren sitting on our fine looking sofa.


Darla said...

Carri that hair is hilarious! And look, Les had hair! But the other post of your friend and her husband, now I'm on the floor laughing too! My, my, my...!!! Oh, and those high top reeboks and peg leg jeans. Can you believe we all wore that? Oh, I shudder!

Is TeeDee anyone I know?

teedee said...

Ditto, Darla. I noticed the side hair job, the faded skinny 80's jeans & wo, what's with the green & white striped shirt! A typical outfit in 1988.
Darla - the picture is NOT my husband. He's was just one of my many admirers back in the day! (hehehe!)

teedee said...

WHERE IS PAUL?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

that's hillarious.. i just came in here to comment on those great, stone washed, tappered leg jeans with the hightop prowings. ha.. good times huh.

**course, i don't remember when those were cool, but i'll take ur word for it.

~~thanks for the pics!


Kelli said...

Nice hair Carri and the clothes! ha

Thanks again for dinner!

paul/dad/granpa said...

Here i is TumTeeDeeDum//sorry I missed you folks for a, it takes a while to catch up, youall don't let any grass grow under your feet.

Cadens picture is really talented, it's called primitive art in the sophisticated art world. You should have him evaluated--send the pic to National Geo-Graphic and he could become famous/or in a lot of hot water...

I neeed to apologize to all the northern ladies in the audience..I want to assure them I would never say anything like my previous comments to their face. Some things are best said behind peoples backs, (that has been my experience)

yeah Darla some of my best friends are Yankees. I agree with you, have a good trip

Carri is your back yard big enough for two bodies,..I know you said youve already dug one hole. I may have need if I keep digging as you suggest.

I always seem to bring out the best in the gentler sex. (I've learned not to call them the 'weaker sex')Because of five of my most 'serious' long term relationships (anything longer than twenty for hours--just kiddin) only one has not tried to stab, shoot, or re-arrange my body, but she did hint at poison one time, so I just made it a point to eat out until things cooled off.. and another time she gave me a birthday card with a smiling lady saying "I get a bang out of you" as she waw lighting a fuse to a canon loaded with a man. I'm still not quite sure how to take that, though I give thanks every day that I didn't hook up with someone like a Lorena Bobbitt ..(what a forbidding last name)..Oops, the staff says it's time for my nap....Oh yeah, Carri..thanks for the mullet

paul/dad/granpa said...
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paul/dad/granpa said...

Carri, those pic's of you, Les and Loren are like in a 'time' machine. they are great. the one on the roof with you and Lauren, you look like your eyes were beginning to become like...slanted??...Korean food maybe? It was probably the "Kim Chee"

What a great kitchen, very uncomplicated. (another word for dump--just kiddin, it was quaint) The wiring outside looked kinda scary and were those bullet holes or knot holes in the door panel??

It was nice to see Kelli,via Shelli both look like...well (here's where I start digging again)beautiful southern ladies...Now, Now, put the shovel down my northern friends ...I'm,sure we can work this out.

paul/dad/granpa said...
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Kelli said...

Beautiful southern girls! I like that!! Thanks Paul.

paul/dad/granpa said...

I was only speaking the truth, your very welcome miss Kelli.

I wonder why my entry repeated itself three times? If anyone knows please fill me in so i won't do it again

Carri said...

Technical difficulties, Paul, but I deleted the extras!