Monday, January 15, 2007

How I Spent My Sunday

Sunday was a great day. It was both productive and fun. Kelli and I decided that we would go to Home Depot to buy some foam to cover our pipes in preparation for Houston’s supposed upcoming “big freeze” and split the cost to rent a machine to shampoo both of our carpets.

We started at Kelli’s house first. I’m such a lightweight. I did her son’s room and almost died from lifting up and pulling on the machine. Kelli gets all of the credit here. She was a trooper and did 90% of both of our homes. I get credit for moving furniture and clearing the floors!

Shelli (Kelli’s twin sister) came over later to help supervise. I offered to make dinner and got out some Talapia, which I’d heard was an awesome tasting fish but had never eaten it until last night. I was just going to bake it with some butter and seasoning but ended up letting Betty Crocker take over. That would be Kelli, but they’re both very good cooks. She crushed up some Ritz crackers and added Parmesan cheese for the crust on the fish. It was to die for. We had steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes and all ate like pigs. It was delicious. My kids and I were quite impressed with dinner and offered to let Kelli come over and cook for us every night. Her kids are picky eaters so she doesn’t cook as much as she’d like to. She seemed to appreciate the fact that we all cleaned our plates, especially Shelli. Lauren told her she could just lick her plate after she was the first to finish (I mean devour) her food without leaving a crumb. I highly recommend Talapia and Kelli’s crust concoction.

I had a lot of fun and bonding time with the twins yesterday and laughed a lot. It also felt good to get those carpets cleaned. (That's Kelli and I pictured above from Friday night. I don't have a picure of Shelli to post but they're twins, so just imagine two Kelli's. Ha!) Thanks, Kelli. I know you have to be sore today. Just from my small efforts with that machine I can hardly move my arm so I can just imagine how you must feel. They’re both such good friends. I cannot close without sharing a gross story that was told yesterday, though. It actually made me gag. I had to run to the bathroom but luckily didn’t throw up. Consider this your warning to stop reading now if you have a weak stomach.

Kelli works at a law firm. One time she had a bad cold and very runny nose. You know how we all wipe our nose with the back of our hand if it’s just dripping but we don’t actually blow it or use a Kleenex? We just use the side of our hand to wipe it because it’s only a drip? Well, she did just that, not realizing that she’d gotten a booger stuck somewhere to her hand, which ultimately ended up on a piece of paper that she had given to one of the attorney’s. A short time later the attorney walked over to her desk with the paper in his hand and asked Kelli if she had wiped a booger on it. They all joke around in the office but this wasn’t something she was willing to admit to so she firmly denied it and said, “No!” He believed her and said that it must’ve been some of the sticky glue stuff that gets stuck to things and then preceded to try and pick it off. Him trying to pick it off of the paper was the part of the story that caused me to start gagging but I was also laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Shelli or I one said, “OMG, he was rolling your booger around. ICK”. It was so funny. Sorry Kelli, but that was too good not to share. She gave me copyrights but said I had to exclude her name, but I couldn’t do that! What fun would that be? No one from your firm reads here, right? Your secret is safe here. Ha!


Anonymous said...

O! M! G!!! ....that was my first thought....then it started somewhere really deep inside me as I started picturing Kelli's facial reaction to watching this. It was a rolling thunder kinda laugh that just takes you over, ...all over. how incredibly, grossly, funny.Can you imagine what it would sound like in front of a jury if the atty sued. If I was a juror I'd fall out of the jury box laughing (especially since I don't have much sympathy for lawyers--it would seem like perfect justice to me. Atta way to go Kelli!!!

I visited your previous blogs last night but I lost my connect, just after I finished my comment so I'll go back and rewrite you guys, that story made my day as you can tell. Wasn't it Socrates that said "kill all the lawyers"??

teedee said...

I can't quit laughing! I can't even imagine my boss rolling my booger around. That is hysterical! Kelli - I can't believe you actually thought Carri would work the carpet machine! I can't believe she did two rooms. She's such a weinie when it comes to physical labor. Too bad she didn't find a roach somewhere. That would have been the icing on the cake for this story. I wish I could've been with you all..:-(

Carri said...

Awww, sorry you lost your comments, Paul. I hate it when that happens. All those thoughts & effort just disappear into cyberspace! This was a funny one, huh? Ewww!

Teedee, KMA! ha!
At least I left the I left the F out. Ha!
I was dying when Kelli told this one. She hasn't seen that I actually posted it yet so I'm a little nervous. bahahahaha!
Shelli had a good story about Mike that involved poop & fish food. I thought I'd save that one for a rainy day. ha!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you blogged about that Carri, that was the funniest day! No embarassment here, I had a cold, shit happens! ha I'm still laughing!! hahaha

Oh and my arms are still sore from pushing that carpet shampooer, thanks Carri! ha

I know, you loved my fish!!! I'm make dinner for you all again sometime! The kids don't like any of that weird stuff.

Kelli said...

I meant "I'll" make dinner.......ha....I'm trying to comment without anyone seeing here at work.

Carri said...

Yeah, Kelli. Can't let anyone see this from work. Then your booger story will be out!