Saturday, January 20, 2007

In Loving Memory of Jamie Louise Ball (11-07-1969 - 1-21-2006)

My sister-in-law, Jamie, died one year ago tomorrow at the very young age of thirty-six. She left behind seven beautiful children and a loving husband. Her oldest child was only eleven-years-old and her youngest eighteen-months. She died of cancer. She was an absolutely beautiful person and wonderful Christian. Please keep Paul in your prayers as I know tomorrow will be a tough day for him. He spent the last four months of her life with her in New York caring for her, the children and helping his son-in-law through the painful ordeal of losing his wife. Jamie and I were only two weeks apart in age and thirty-six was way too young for her to die. She was an absolute beautiful and unique soul. I have no doubt about where she is spending eternity.

I can’t help but think of her as the one-year anniversary of her passing is upon us.
God bless those she left behind and give them strength, especially tomorrow, as they miss her each and every day. It was an honor to know you, Jamie. You touched us all and we will always love you until we meet again.

God Bless Brad, Bradley, Ryan, Teresa, Hannah, Anthony, Andrew & Leevin.
RIP, Jamie.


paul/dad/grandpa said...

Carri, thank you very much for your call and posting. I can't imagine what it would be like to go through life dark valley's without Faith, Family and Friends I talked to all of the children. Brad was asleep..(he works 12 and sometimes sixteen hour shifts at the hospital) The children said it was snowing and it was deep enough for to play in.

Kelli said...

My heart goes out to you and your family Paul.

Carri said...

I love you so much and am so glad to hear that the kids are doing well. I know you miss Jamie but you have your faith and strength to get you through your grief. You are my hero. You truly are! I loved Brad's My Space link and seeing the kids pictures and those of Jamie and Brad. I couldn't have asked for a better Father-In-Law! God Bless You! I'll call you again soon to check in. I love you.

Deb said...

I was at Scott AFB with Jamie. I considered her a good friend and have so many wonderful memories of her. However, we lost touch over the years. The last time we had talked was after Teresa was born. Anyways I would look for her on Facebook every so often and yesterday decided to expand my search beyond Facebook and I found her obituary. I was so very saddened to read of her death and even though it had been many many years since we had spoken, I felt an instant hole in my heart knowing she was no longer on this Earth. However I do remember her dreams were always to have a big family so I am glad she got to live her dream for the time she was here. It is very sad that dream was cut short but I'm sure she is watching over her family.

I have no idea if this is going to post or or if anybody will see it even if it does since the original post was 10 years ago. But i am still in shock and just wanted to say goodbye. RIP Jamie.

Carri said...

Deb, Thank you so much for your comment. I've had friendships like the one you shared with Jamie and can understand your shock and sadness in learning that she passed away. I'm so sorry that you weren't able to connect with her prior to her passing.
Yes, she was living her dream and raising her family on a farm in upper state New York. She was an excellent mother and still lives on in each of her children.

I shared this comment with Jamie's dad today (after I saw it in my email). He was touched by your kind words and would like to contact you. If you could share your email address or contact me at the one below I will make sure he gets it.

Thank you, Deb.

www.sixteensisters.blogspot.xom said...

Thanks Carri for forwarding Deb's posting. I know it was not just a coincidence that you happened to decide to work on this ten year dormant blog at the same time Deb found you and made her post. It was much in keeping with the pattern of everything that happened in Jamie's life. Every time something dark would come into Jamie's life God's light and love would out shine it. Reading your post Deb touched me deeply in so many ways. We never get over sad things in our lives but most of us get through them and again a letter like your's is one of the things that help us to continue to get through dark times in our lives. It was God's light outshining the darkness, another gift from God coming through you. After ten years He is still letting us know He hasn't forgotten us.Thank you so much Deb for this gift. I will share it with Brad and the children. They all have face book pages. Amanda Ball is the best place to go to. Brads new wife Amanda was another gift from God to all of us. She took over raising Brad and Jamies kids as they were her own and they adore her and she adores them. She and Brad have added two more to their brood ,Emily then Ivan for a total of nine. She and Brad will appreciate your kind words also, so feel free to contact them.
I and Carri will try to get your post to them. The children will be especially touched by it. Thanks again Deb...Paul Lebedzinski

Deb said...

Thank you for responding. I haven't been able to let go of the news since I read it and have been searching for pictures of Jamie. Unfortunately cell phones with cameras weren't around yet so we didn't have pictures of everything we did like we do today. But Jamie and I actually lived together for a few months with a couple of other folks and then we both worked at Domino's pizza too. I remember when she told me she had married Brad. She didn't tell anyone around here immediately because if I remember correctly it seemed quite impulsive since they had recently just met. I must admit that because it was so quick, I had my doubts it would last. I feel bad about that now. But I was happy to read I was wrong and that it did last and they had the big family she had told me they both wanted. I should have trusted her that she knew what she was doing. She was a very intelligent woman. And so much fun - we used to go out dancing, we did aerobics, bowled in the lunchtime bowling league and just had a great time. She really was an amazing person and I'm sure she is looking down happy that Brad has found somebody to love him and her children.

Anyways, please feel free to contact me anytime. I actually didn't get notified about your updates here (not sure why) so please feel free to email