Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Reply

I bet I could go to the school today and pick a minimum of 100 kids out of 600 with holes in their jeans. We're not even talking about big holes here, they're pretty small, but that's not the point. Have you tried shopping for new jeans lately, Mrs. XXXXX? It's kind of hard to find a pair without holes. I'm digesting her reply and plotting my next step. The issue with me is the fact that I know the kids are wearing holey jeans. Cassidy wore those until this past Friday and no one ever said a word.


The dress code states that the jeans must be in good repair. We don’t allow holes in the jeans. We provide clothes for the students to put on and usually are able to get ahold of the parents to ask if they’d like us to provide the clothing if we have something that fits. I am so sorry that Cassidy had a bad experience with this. You have a wonderful daughter and if there should be an issue in the future, which I don’t anticipate, we will be sure and contact you. Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

well, isn't this teacher just killing you with kindness... lol.

anonymously~prestonsgirl! <3

teresa said...

Have a good week?!?!?!? Have a good week?!?!?!? I'm dying to hear your response to this. I think you should keep pressing. Maybe you could say that Cassidy got some sort of skin disease or scabies or something. Maybe even crabs! How gross. Can you sue??

Carri said...

Right, Jenn! I almost got a cavity when I read that!
I'm questioning what my real goal is here. It's simply two things. Don't put my kid in other people's nasty clothing and if you're going to enforce the no holes rule you better enforce it 100% baby! There isn't any in between. I can totally see her backtracking later and saying it's the location, not the hole......and that won't float. I've got a special spy counting holey jeans for me. Way to stir that pot, Teresa! I needed a little fire!
I remember why I love you! Are you enjoying your last night on this earth as a 36-year-old? Has Jason ever enjoyed the "company" of a 37- year-old? He has until midnight to get the young stuff........You better go drink some coffee & don't forget to shave your legs! (Trying so hard to keep it "G" here)

teresa said...

Baahahaha! Please, he's already in bed. I have my back up coming as soon as I can get our night owl son (like me) down to sleep! That might be a while. (keeping it G here, but my batteries are dying...)

ronni said...

I'm the rabble rouser. I would be up there with as many toddlers and preschoolers as I could round up, turning the lot of them loose in the principal's office while demanding clarification, justification, explanation and vindication.

And I would be promising that they were going to be seeing me A LOT, if they continued to single out my child in this embarrassing manner.

Their response to a little hole is SO over the top!

I'll have to write an entry about doing that. I did it (well, only the one toddler, but still...) when they tried to send Chandra home from high school for wearing holey jeans with an opaque black body suit underneath.

They word the guidelines ambiguously on purpose so they can use them to harass anyone they please. Lord knows why they are picking on yours! Chandra had an attitude, and nobody likes a teen with an attitude. Maybe they see incipient attitude in Cassidy, and want to nip it.

They've bitten off more than they can chew.

I'd also be getting an administrator to walk around the school, and pointing out anyone with even the smallest violation of the code. I would demand to see the clothes they wanted the kids to wear. I would ask if the admin. would want her child to wear that.

Be a troublemaker. It's allowed.

Carri said...

Very good advice, Ronni. You're so right about it being over the top and if what I hear is true about how many kids are wearing holey jeans, it's ON! Cassidy is pretty low key and has always been well liked by her teachers. I was told that was probably why it had not been addressed the first three months of school. She was in the office when a worker pointed out her error. GRRRRR. It pizzes me off! I'll keep y'all posted cause I've still got a few more things to say to Mrs. XX.