Monday, November 27, 2006

Nancy, Our Wild and Crazy Nail Lady

Nancy is our Vietnamese nail lady whom we absolutely love. She’s a riot. Our daughter started using her a while back, but it was just this past July that we first went to her. It was the day before we were scheduled to depart for our annual family camping trip. The kids had already been gone for a week with my family and the husband and I were scheduled to start packing and do our grocery shopping, but I had another plan in mind. We were going to get pedicures if I had to carry him in there kicking and screaming.

I’d forced him husband into having a pedicure one other time and it was about two years prior to our July trip to see Nancy. He was apprehensive but I begged him to go and he reluctantly admitted that it wasn’t so bad after all. However, I’d gotten carried away on the services and we’d walked out of there spending much more than the usual. I’d picked up a pumice stone and some other stuff hoping they’d be a miracle cure for my dry heels. The check amount had left a bad taste in his mouth, so he’d sworn off any future visits until I wore him down this past July.

It took some major begging and persuasion on my part to get him in there, but I finally talked (threatened) him into going to with me to see Lauren’s new nail lady. When we arrived, there were five women lined up in the pedicure-spa chairs with two spots available for us. We sat down and Nancy immediately asked how we’d heard about her shop. We told her Lauren was our daughter. She then asked if Lauren’s dad was a cop and I just laughed. She obviously knew Lauren. Then she informed us that that wasn’t Lauren, but “Cademy”, which was her nickname for Lauren since she worked at “Academy”. There was a graduation picture of Lauren hanging on her wall behind the cash register. She knew her well and was very pleased to learn that we were her parents.

We ended up laughing so hard that day that the lady sitting next to me called her husband to come up and have his feet done. Men can be so dang hard headed! He showed up and the two men managed to hold their masculinity while having their feet done, in addition to a few extras that Nancy insisted on. She actually told my husband that he was supposed to have two eyebrows, not one! Bahahahahahaha! I almost drowned in the spa water after she said that to him. We had such a good time that day that the lady next to me gave me her business card and asked me to call her the next time we came in.

I used to get my feet done about 2-3 times per year, but since I got the husband hooked I now get to go way more often. It’s usually him that suggests we go see Nancy. Nancy’s brother, John, works with her and they work hard seven days per week. She’s dubbed my husband her “boyfriend”, which is fine by me. I keep asking her when she’s taking him home but she never answers me! We’ve since learned that there are several other male clients she also claims as boyfriends, but they all try to keep that on the down low. None of them seem too eager for anyone to know they get their feet done.

Nancy is a hoot and her clients love her for being so crazy. Here are some pictures of the weekend party at her house. Sadly, the party is an annual event in honor of her son who passed away. He would be 10 or 11 years old, but he died about four years ago in a freak accident when he choked on some food. I’m not sure of the custom behind the party on a loved one’s death anniversary, but we wanted to attend because it was so obviously important to her. They could’ve easily fed an army at her house this past Sunday. Honestly, I’ve never seen so much food at a house party. Check it out in the pictures. (And no, Mom, the beer isn’t Lauren’s!)

Those crazy girls that my daughter calls her friend’s also made Nancy a My Space. Oh, and the reason we’re holding our hands down over hers in the picture was to keep her from doing the V sign behind us, which only caused her to use her tongue instead. I’m telling you she’s a nut but to know her is to love her.

P.S. I might get in trouble for this post and letting the “secret” out of the bag. It might even spark a long overdue entry from a certain someone but I won’t mention any names.

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