Monday, November 13, 2006

O Brother Where Art Thou?

I just can't let this one go without sharing. We were at the hospital last week when Paul was having surgery and a couple showed up and sat down with everyone in the waiting room. They obviously knew everyone except for us, so when we were introduced the lady must've only caught our last name. She looked right at my husband and replied, "Oh, hello. Are you Paul's brother?"

Paul is in his early sixties and the husband/son is only 39. I thought they were going to have pick me up off of the floor. I told her yes, he was the older brother. Ha! Nah, actually, I remained quiet and kept that big grin on my face masked very well until I was better able to laugh and harrass the husband, and now I just can't let him live it down.

I can't wait for Paul to read about this!

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