Monday, November 06, 2006

Prayers for Paul

**UPDATE** 11-18-06
Paul had a bit of a set back this week and just as we thought he was going home they discovered a blood clot (thrombosis) in his leg and started him on blood thinner. The clot started breaking up and some pieces reached his lungs, which has caused him shortness of breath and at one point they were worried that he'd possibly suffered a stroke, which thankfully he did not. The medications he was taking to thin his blood were not agreeing with him so today they've started him on something new. Last night they inserted a screen at the main artery leading from his legs to his heart and lungs (please excuse my lack of the correct medical terminology) that will serve as a filter to try and prevent any more pieces of the clot to make it through. He's already showing some improvement today. If he continues to improve we're hoping he'll be released in four more days. I'm so looking forward to our visit with him tomorrow and appreciate continued prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

**UPDATE** 11-13-06
Last report had Paul doing very well. The husband and kids saw him this weekend (I had to miss out on the visit cause I was sick and didn't want to pass along my germs). He was upbeat and eating well. He also promised the kids that he'd make them french toast as soon as he was up and around. He spoils us with his cooking whenever he visits. I asked about getting him a laptop but am not sure where his two computer knowledgable sons stand on that idea.
We miss you, Paul!

**UPDATE: 11-08-06**
Paul was scheduled to have a stint inserted at 10am, but after starting the procedure they stopped and he'll be having double bypass surgery in the next few hours. I know that doctors perform this procedure everyday but it's still scary when it's someone you love.
Please keep him in your prayers. I'll post an update on his condition when I return home this evening.

Just a quick request to keep my number one fan (Paul/Dad/Grandpa Paul) in your prayers. He's stable and okay tonight but went to the ER today after having a sudden onset (three days now) of difficulty breathing, even walking across the room. The initial test results are back with good enzyme levels but his blood pressure is elevated and they think it's heart related. He had 50% blockage and plaque five years ago and they suspect it is related and are keeping him for more tests. He's not gotten into a room yet but should be in one shortly and we'll know more tomorrow. I actually think his blood pressure is just elevated because he's facing the possibility of not being able to vote tomorrow and that fact alone will cause him extreme distress!

I love this man and want him healthy and back home soon. I'll update with any news tomorrow.


teresa said...

OMG! Paul, hurry back. I hope you feel better soon. We need your smart a--!

Carri said...

He's having a stint inserted tomorrow morning. Hopefully, he'll be back very soon and will have lots of catching up to do.

Kelli said...

I'm praying for you Paul!! We need our blogging friend back soon!

PriorCommitment said...

Carri, how is he doing?

I think he's a wise and entertaining man, and I want him to come back and play with us again.

Carri said...

He did great. He was scared, though. He hadn't been prepared for that and the thought of his sternum being opened up and pulled apart was scary, as I can only imagine. He'll be in ICU for 24-48 hours and then a room for 5 days if all goes well, which we expect them to. Thanks for asking. He actually mentioned how far behind he is on the blog to me when I saw him pre-surgery. I told him he'd have plenty of time to catch up. Thanks for the prayers. He'll be back soon just as playful as always.