Friday, August 18, 2006

We have a fairy princess who dropped into our lives two years ago. She is an absolute angel and if she wasn’t a 35-year-old married mother of three, we’d adopt her. She’s a fourth grade teacher who first taught our daughter, then our son was fortunate enough to have her the following year.

Last school year when our son was in her class he progressed so much so that he no longer needed speech or modified assignments. He only missed three from being being commended on the TAKS test (our state required exam). We were all worried about him taking the test without modifications because of past struggles he’d had in certain areas, and this was his first year to take the “regular” TAKS. I was at the school eating with him the day she got the scores. When she grabbed me with tears in her eyes I panicked and thought she had bad news. Nope! He did so awesome! We both cried with pride.

This is a teacher who cares so much that she calls all of the kids in her class the night before the big state test and talks to them, encourages them and tells them to get their butts in bed on time. She came by the house a few times over the summer to get the kids and take them up to the school to help her do stuff in her classroom and just because she missed them. After our daughter moved to 5th grade she offered to help her with her science experiment and invited us all over to her house so they could conduct the experiment. We met her husband and kids, had pizza and hung out for a few hours. She’s stopped by here to visit and we’ve gotten to know her well over the past two years.

Last week when I was beside myself because my after school arrangements for my son weren’t working out, she called with a very generous offer. He could go to her classroom after school and wait until her oldest child arrived and then she’d drop him off at home with his sister. I thought it was too much to ask of her but she assured me it wasn’t, and that she loved us all and would do anything for my kids.

When I got home from work today her car was outside but she wasn’t in the living room when I walked in. Her daughter was on the couch with mine and I asked my husband where she was. He got a funny look on his face and then I said, “She is not in Caden’s room cleaning it is she?” I know her too well. She’s a total GIVER. She hung out here last night to kill some time while waiting on a school function to get started and the topic of my sons messy room came up. She went in there to check it out and I cringed not wanting her to see the mess. All we said was that this weekend was family cleaning day and that the kids were grounded because we’d almost broken our necks trying to walk in their rooms. My husband said, “There was no stopping her. She walked straight to his room with tubs and trash bags in her hand.” Of course I was guilt-ridden and embarrassed and wanted to stop the madness. Okay, I admit it, I really wanted to kiss her because his room was BAD. The kind of bad where mom HAS to help, beyond the messy room but the throw stuff away and organize everything again bad. I do make them keep them clean but about twice a year (after Christmas and summer) they just get bad and I have to spend a whole day sorting thru crap. She said she thought about it last night and had a plan, not to worry, that she loved doing stuff like this. I do feel bad but I also know her well enough to know that she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want to do it.

I went in to help but could see that they had a plan so I left. I’m on the couch with the girls and typing this while they clean. I don’t know what we did to be so lucky to have her. She really does love the kids and us, and we love her, too. We begged her to move to fifth grade this year so we could have her again, but she had to draw the line with her giving somewhere.

So, there’s been a new development in this story since I first started writing. The room looks fantastic. I wish I had before and after photos. Our fairy just asked if she could take our kids home with her tonight to spend the night, play with her kids and go to the beach tomorrow. We’d been invited to see Dave Matthews tonight with some friends but with oldest daughter being out of town our sitter options were slim. We’d accepted the concert was a no go. When we went in to see the finished room our favorite fairy asked if she could “have our kids tonight” as if we would be doing her a favor. She wants our kids to entertain hers. She swore she never heard us discussing the concert. I’m almost afraid this is a dream and if I move suddenly I’ll wake up.

So, we’re all eating pizza and after dinner they’re heading off to the “bestest” teacher in the world’s house and we’re off to hang with our really cool friends at the concert. Wuhoo! (Maybe we should buy a lotto ticket because this day has been good!)

We love you, Mrs. C!


Ronni said...

It's not even full moon!

Carri said...

All the more reason to wonder what the heck is going on around here, huh?

Kelli said...

Can I adopt her too?? ;)

Carri said...

No! Sorry, but we can't share her. ha!
She sent me an email about how Cassidy's closet is her next project.

paul said...

She could be an alien! I dunno what to think. All my teachers spent their spare time whacking me on the head with a book..(saying something about trying to knock some sense into me)Seems nowadays though they would go to jail for that, so they don't do that anymore ..instead the kids graduate on to jail.. So maybe it worked for me since I've never been arrested--or at least not caught. You would think it would be embarrasing for a teacher to see one of their students featured on that TV show "The Worlds Stupidist Crooks" Sounds like I never had a teacher that liked me that much doesn't it...I wasn't exactly a teachers dream student.

Seriously though, they are such lovable,polite kids I can understand her feelings.Give her my regards and two thumbs up.