Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School started here last week. Sigh. I like summer and the fact that our schedule is so much more relaxed. I get to sleep in an extra hour, have no backpacks or mounds of paper work to sort through, no lunches to make, etc. I just wish it would last longer.

I’m generally a nice person but when I am in line at the school in the mornings waiting on my turn to drop my son off, there is one thing that really gets under my skin and I don’t feel so nice. We have a process to follow and it’s pretty simple. The area that is designated for dropping kids off is covered and runs along the side of the building. It is probably the length of about 8 cars. There are teachers assigned to “work’ this area every morning and they assist by opening car doors and helping kids out of the car if necessary. They stand there and wave us on through. It should be a smooth and simple process and if everyone would follow the leader we could make it a much quicker one. There are always a few parents who refuse to let their kids out of the car unless they are the front car in the line. Now I could understand not wanting to let your child out if they were forced to walk unattended into the building, but there are teachers lining the covered walkway to assist your child. They are just feet away from the school entrance and are being monitored by these teachers! It gets a little frustrating when you're the 4th or 5th car in line and have already let your child out and you start inching forward with the rest of the cars but realize that car number two isn't leaving, he/she is only pulling up to be first in line so they can let their precious cargo out 15 feet closer to the door! When this happens I'm usually able to pull out of line and just go around to start my departure process, but sometimes due to other traffic or people walking I'm forced to wait until the lead car starts to exit before I can safely do so. Oh, and if that's not bad enough, these same people will often unload their children then sit and watch them walk into the building before pulling away so I'm stuck there waiting for Jr. to reach the door along with the other seven cars behind me.

Yeah, I know this is on the small scale of important things in life, but it sure felt good to get it off my chest!


Kelli said...

I can totally relate!!!

Lara said...

OMG....this needs to go in the PTA newsletter!!

otherThanWhat? said...

My, my, carri, didn't they make a movie about a guy that went off on people to the 'xtreme' for little infractions of discourtesy.Too bad they didn't include one of your scenarios in that movie. then you probably wouldn't have that problem....but that wouldn't be you....would it?(well,thank goodness glad to hear that)

Yup! I know as an older person ..I should be in bed after eating that late big meal with the three donut desert, but my curiosity wouldn't let me.. but this is really it..as we say in the country ..good nite/ Don't let the chickens bite/ or something like that..grandpaPaul

Carri said...

Hey Paul! Yea.
You finally managed to comment. I adjusted the settings.
Oh well! You can sleep in tomorrow and then have a big breakfast and then a long nap. lol
I love you! Thanks for the comment.

Linda said...

You know what sucks at our school? When the DAD shows up to drop off the kiddos! Why can't they just follow the freakin' rules???? Geez!