Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I came really close to having an embarrassing moment last week but somehow managed to bypass this one. However, it was a close call.

I was at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon. The company I work for had a booth at the event. Lunch was catered and served buffet style. We had taken our seats but were waiting on our tables turn to go through the food line. As we were waiting, I looked around the table and saw what appeared to be a pat of butter on a small saucer with a lemon, cut decoratively, twirling around the outer edge of the saucer. It was a little wider than a stick of butter, but looked like exactly that. I drank my tea and never thought more about it until I reached the rolls in the serving line. There were small margarine packets in a bowl in front of them and I paused for just a moment, asking myself why they'd have both kinds of butter, and deciding the packets would be easier to spread, I grabbed one and returned to the table. As I sat there with my roll in my hand, I once more paused looking at that butter on the saucer again before deciding I'd just use the little packet instead. It just seemed easier. After we ate but were still seated, listening to the guest speaker, I heard my co-worker quietly ask if anyone wanted his cheesecake. I turned to look, thinking cheesecake, what cheesecake? I didn't get any cheesecake. You should've seen my face when I saw my co-worker sliding the saucer of "butter" across the table. All I could think of was, "Dear Lord, Thank you so much for not letting me spread cheesecake all over my roll in front of my boss. Amen"


Kelli said...

Too funny! You never know you could have created a new dish cheesecake spread for hot rolls!! hahahahahaha you dork!

Carri said...

It didn't look like cheesecake! Since when is cheesecake rectangular?

prestonsgirl said...

ok that's freakin' funny, i literally just laughed out loud!
<3very cute.