Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Before I start this entry I must first go on the record to say that we have taught our kids to not make fun of other people. (i.e. for having crooked teeth, wearing glasses, dressing funny, having a disability, wearing pants that are too short, what kind of car they drive, etc.) They’re all three very compassionate and understanding towards other people who might not fit into the "average" person category. So, just know that last night when my daughter began telling us the following story, she didn’t do so with malice in mind.

She started 6th grade/middle school last week and as a result is meeting a lot of new kids. Her dad and I were asking her about school last night when she told us that there was a kid in one of her classes that she's not yet been able to determine whether is a he or she. She went on to say that the hairstyle, which is short, could pass for either a boy or girl, as could the voice and the clothing. She's even tried to see whom the kid is hanging out with (boys or girls) but there's not been any conclusive evidence to help her figure out the mystery. At this point she’s leaning more towards a boy but would like confirmation so she’ll know how to address him/her. I asked her what the name was thinking this would be a sure indicator but almost fell over when she said Devin. Of course it couldn’t be cut and dry with a name like Joseph or Jennifer. Devin is like Taylor or Jordan or Pat, and can be used for both boys or girls. Yes, I said Pat, which is exactly why I had to refrain from laughing throughout her story. She was experiencing her very first Pat encounter!

My husband and I were both on the same page and couldn’t help but laugh. I must’ve referenced Pat out loud causing her to ask who Pat was. Oh, Pat was one of my all time favorite SNL characters. I filled my daughter in on Pat and how Pat’s co-workers were always asking specific questions hoping for a hint or clue as to Pat’s gender and that this was why I’d been laughing.

So, we’re on alert waiting for some sort of confirmation.


Kelli said...

You knew who Pat was but didn't know what the saying "Get R Done" was from??? haha

I have that same problem with people in my building at work - if a person has breasts but has a mustache, is it a boy or girl?? Try figuring that one out!!

prestonsgirl said...

that's so funny!!!

Teresa said...

"It must be that time of the month again, yeah, all my bills are due!"
That was my all time favorite Pat quote....

Carri said...

I remember that one, too! Pat was hysterical.