Friday, June 13, 2008

Why a Girl Always Needs Her Mother

Cassidy brings me her phone, as mine was tucked away somewhere in my purse. (I’m so bad about that. That, and leaving it on vibrate all of the time)

Cassidy: Lauren wants to talk to you.
Me: Hello?
Lauren: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Lauren: (in very high-pitched, little girl, whiny voice) I’ve got 102.5. It won’t go away. I’m freezing. My stomach hurts and I just want to take a hot bath but I’m so weak I can’t get up. What should I do?
Me: Have you eaten? Have you taken anything for your fever?
Lauren: No, nothing sounds good. Yes, I took my antibiotic.
Me: Lauren, an antibiotic won’t help your fever. You need Tylenol or Ibuprofen or something.
Lauren: Oh.
Me: Do you have any?
Lauren: Yes.
Me: Okay, get up right now and take some. It’ll take about 30 minutes but it should help with your aches and fever.
Lauren: Okay.
Me: I’m making Mexican Lasagna for dinner if you want some.
Lauren: Ewww, no, nothing sounds good to me.
Me: You need some soup.
Lauren: Okay, we have soup.
Me: Okay, try to eat some soup and you can always come stay here if you feel that bad. Go take something right now.
Lauren: Okay, thanks.

Two hours later her dad delivers her potato soup and bread from Panera. She is feeling amazingly better. Go figure. You gotta love Ibuprofen.

This is yet another reason why I have anxiety about the twenty-year-old leaving home to live on her own, and going on a train trip next week traveling to Canada with two of her friends of the same age. Yikes!

I admit she has actually been doing very well at her new place. I just can’t figure out where she was all those years when I was shoving pills down her throat for her signature high fevers and they were not antibiotics. Maybe she was delirious.

Nawen, I love you. Get well soon so you can enjoy your trip. I don't want to have to worry about you being so far from home and being SICK.


teedee said...

WOW! She sounds just like umm, I don't know, maybe YOU!
Pretend the conversation is with Meme!

Anonymous said...

teedee, you know our family sooooo the tttt...

sorry my laurie is not feeling well. it would do her good to call her meme before she departs...

love her and you (& teedee)


Ronni said...

You da mom, you da bomb.

The only thing they ever remember from being sick is that Mom made it better. They're a bit hazy as to how.

teedee said...

I don't knowe about that. I'm prette sure Carrie knowes exactle what her mother did to make it all better.
Oh, my bag, you were talking about Carrie's daughter. My bag, sorre.