Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Carri Rant

The spelling of my first name is somewhat unusual. I'm sure there are others out there, but I haven’t come across anyone with the same spelling before. (Except for a niece on my husband's side and they purposely spelled her name like mine when she was born so that doesn't count).

Over the years I have grown used to it being spelled incorrectly. I’m actually surprised when I do see it spelled correctly. People typically add an E to it, which is usually no big deal. It only bothers me if it’s misspelled on something important or official.

My husband was actually the first one to ever complain about it a few years ago when we ordered new checks from our bank and they came in with a big E on the end of my name. He wanted to know why people always think I forgot to add an E to the end of my own name and then kindly add it on for me. He did have a good point that I’d never really thought about before. It's not like I had called in the checkbook order and they'd gotten it wrong over the phone. I had actually filled out one of those reorder forms and it was written in black and white right in front of them, but again, someone thought I forgot my own E and kindly added it for me. Since the check incident I tend to notice it more often now.

When I started my new job I filled out mounds of paperwork and printed my name nice and neatly. Whenever they set up my email, log in information, etc. I was Carrie on everything. I really hated to be petty and contact the IT department but I couldn't stand it so I did and they changed it. The only thing I let slide was my user name on one of the systems I have access to. It just wasn't worth the hassle of contacting someone to correct it, so I'm still logging in as Carrie on one thing at work.

I haven't met that many other Carri's before, so I found it a little odd when Cassidy had two friends over last night and both of their mom's are also named Carri (or Keri and Kerri). For some reason, every time I have met another Carri, the spelling of our names is always discussed, almost immediately upon introduction. It's almost like some unspoken rule or standard Carri protocol thing. Maybe people are always throwing E’s around for them, too.

Oh, and Cassidy is sometimes known as Cassi. Maybe I just have a thing against E’s.


Anonymous said...

Sooo, you thinke you have a probleme ..try e-i-e-i-o and poore old McDonalde has never had an E in it..(I Don'te get ite eithere)...

PS. How did Caden's play goe. I don't have much luck with yore phones--dad/grandpapaul

Carri said...

Ha! That's funny, Paul. For a second there I thought you had keyboard issues then it finally dawned on me.........ha. I'm a little slow tonight.

The play was awesome. He was a natural.

The home phone is actually unplugged for some reason. Oh, I unplugged it to paint and have been too lazy to move the couch to plug it back in. ha! I did get your vm on my cell - and am sorry I haven't called back yet. Hanging my head in shame. I'll holler at you tomorrow whenever I get up.

Love you!

teedee said...

Funny, I get it now, too! Took me a minute.
Carrie, are you sure there's not an e at the end. I think there is.
Is there any other word you can't stand? I can write that one over & over again, too.

Carri said...


No, Theresa!!!!!!!!!!!!1 TheeDhee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do I ever relate to this rant!
Hi, I am a regular on Misfits and love Ronni's blog. Yours, too, of course.

My name is JO ANN. Simple, right? Wrong! EVERYONE spells it as they wish even if I have carefully printed it on forms, signed emails, whatever. I have even resorted at times to put (two words) in parens and STILL get a variation.
What IS it that makes people do this? - it makes no sense at all.
I recently signed an email "Jo Ann". Person came back with "Hi, Joanne". Blows my mind, but it has happened my entire long life. Even my grandmother called me "Joan", but that was because Jo Ann is not an accepted saint's name by RCs.
I am tempted to answer any misspellings with some of my own, but it probably would not be noticed or they will wonder what is wrong with ME! lol

Carri said...

Jo Ann,
I'm laughing about you putting two words in parenthesis and it sill not working. I can understand misspelling a name if you don't have any documentation on hand to reference but when you're looking right at something where it's written out for you to copy...........grrrrrrr.
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to hear from you.

Karen said...

My oldest is Breanna, note with an e not an i. Her middle name is Michelle, hello, more e's. My youngest is Brooke Marie. And our last name is *e**e. So if you'd like to buy an e we apparently have a surplus!

Carri said...

I'm glad that someone is getting their use out of the e's!
Thanks for stopping by. I've really been enjoying your blog. I really like True Confession Thursday and totally wanted to comment on the one about not washing your hair everyday but I was too shy!