Monday, June 09, 2008

My Daughter, The Queen of Pranks

If you haven’t seen Strangers you might want to skip this post. I’m not going to give it away, but there will be some references to the movie here.

I took Cassidy to see Strangers Saturday night. I don’t typically let the kids watch rated R movies unless I have a rundown on exactly what is inappropriate. I was told there were no illicit s*x scenes, just violence, (ha) so I figured why not. She was dying to see it so we went.

I was under the impression that it was based on a true story but the ending left me wondering. According to my internet searches, it doesn’t appear to be true, but I'm still not certain.

I had mixed feelings about the movie. The acting was good. The fear factor was pretty intense. As I already mentioned, I wasn’t all that happy with the ending but if you’re just looking for a flick to get your adrenaline going, I’d say it will do the trick.

This isn’t supposed to be a movie review, but I had to give the background story to prep you for this.

I left the kids home alone last night while I ran to Wal-Mart. It was after 9pm when I left and within half an hour of my departure they were already texting me about picking up shakes from Sonic on my way home.

I pulled into the driveway at the same time as my husband who was returning home from an extra job he had worked. As soon as he unlocked the door I knew something was “up”. The house was completely dark. Red flag, red flag! I wasn’t worried because they had been stalking me via text wanting an ETA on their shakes, so I knew they were up to something and not victims of any horrendous crime.

He flipped on the light and the first thing I saw was a small mirror lying on the floor that read, “Where’s Tamara?” in red lipstick. (That was from the movie) I smiled and told him to hurry up and turn the lights back off. We walked around in the dark and found no indication of any hiding children so he let the dogs into the house to help sniff them out.

In the meantime, I had to go pee because I was getting that “I’m so scared I might pee in my pants feeling” from walking through the house in the dark wondering when a kid was going to jump out and scream boo. So, after my brief pit stop I walked towards the bedroom where Les had flipped on our bathroom light.

Just as I was walking down the hallway, Caden came running out of our room claiming his innocence. That’s when I heard the music playing. (Also just like in the movie) Ha! It was Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried”. This song played over and over during the scary parts of the movie. There was still no sign of Cassidy so I went into our bathroom and just as I did she jumped out from behind the shower curtain and screamed. She was dressed in all black and wearing a mask that she had made identical to the one the guy in the movie wore, and my bathroom mirror was covered with messages written in red lipstick. (Again, just like in the movie).

First of all, I wasn’t expecting the kids to be in the back of the house hiding. They’re way too scared for that. (Or so I thought) Jaxon had pretty much outed Caden, who was hiding in the closet, so he just gave up and came out. Cassidy was just waiting for someone to find her so she could jump out. We sort of blew her plan by turning on the bathroom light and the laptop messed up delaying the start of the song but overall, her little prank went over pretty well and she most definitely gets an A for her effort. I probably would've been more spooked if I had been walking through the house in the dark all alone. Good thing we both arrived home at the same time.

Let me add that before I left for Wal-Mart she had already scared me causing me to scream VERY loudly. It was one of those unexpected jump out from behind a door scares that I hate so much, unless I'm the one behind the door. Trust me when I say that she has a big pay back coming and she so needs to be watching her back. When she least expects it, I will make my move. I don’t care if it takes all summer for me to get her back. I will do it and it will be good.

Check out her creativity.

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Ronni said...

I would rip their arms of and beat them to death with the bloody stumps! I would assume they were trying to kill me by heart attack.