Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy 13th Birthday, Monkey!

Happy Birthday, Monkey!

It's official, I now have two teenage daughters. How many times have I said that time flies? Well, it does.

Thirteen years ago I was awakened by a sudden gush and actually thought I'd wet the bed. I immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom. It was early morning, but still dark outside. As I reached the bathroom I felt another big gush and looked down to see a wet liquid on the bathroom floor. I jumped into the shower to keep from making a bigger mess and hollered at my mother-in-law, who was staying with us in Hawaii for Cassidy's birth, to come assess the situation.

We decided to let Les sleep a little longer while I showered and got ready to go. It turned out to be a leak, my water hadn't officially broken, but it trickled all the way to the hospital. Her labor and birth was the easiet of the three. She was born at Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii and they took better care of me there than at any civilian hopsital I've encountered.

She was born wide eyed, looking around and holding her head up. From day one she was not going to sit still for anyone and no one was going to hold her back. It was all we could do to keep up with her. She was so different from our other two, and by no means an ordinary baby. She no-doubt earned her nickname.

She started playing ball as soon as she could hold one and it never really mattered what kind, whether it was a baseball, softball, basketball, football, volleyball, etc., although she prefers a basketball these days.

She's always been our strong willed, stubborn child. I've always heard the saying, "if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", and wanted to appropriately change the words to "If Monkey ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". We so need that hanging on a wall somewhere in this house!

Cass, we hope you have a wonderful birthday. We love you and hope 13 is a great year for you. (I'm posting this a little early)


Anonymous said...

And, I am going to say happy birthday early...I came to Hawaii a week after you were born and thought you were so pretty and still do...Your Papaw and I had come earlier in the year and were at the hospital when they did the ultrasound to see what you were. Your picture looked just like you when did when you were born...While I was there, I made your nursery--It is really hard to find a fabric store there...there is just not too, we used sheets from K-Mart and made your curtains, your bed ruffle and other items. I also painted a picture for your room to match your blanket, etc...During that week, while Lauren was in school, your mother, you and I went all over the island shopping, etc...(I guess your mom knew I would be gone soon and wanted to get as much as she could from her mom...ha)

You have been a real joy to us. We love you so much and are proud of all you have accomplished. Have a great day tomorrow and know that you are loved with all our hearts...

Meme (& Papaw)

teresa said...

Happy Birthday, Cassidy!

Lauren said...

Why was she so darn cute?

I am going to cry.

I want little Cassidy back!

Kelli said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late on this blog. I wish you a happy birthday Monkey and a great life to a most unusual delightful child. I have derived a lot of joy and fun from you,just being you. You are a blessing....I love you, God bless you Cassidy...from GrandpaPaul