Monday, October 15, 2007

All Grown Up!

I knew it was coming, but deep down, I was hoping she might change her mind. I have to stop thinking of myself and realize what an opportunity this is for her to go out into the world and experience a new chapter in her life. It’s official. Our baby girl signed a lease on an apartment this weekend. She’s moving to College Station on January 1st. How’s that for starting the new year?

I’m both excited and happy for her. I’m just sad for us. She’s gone much of the time now, but she still lives here. Having her move out will be so strange! At least now I can just open her door or peak onto the driveway to see her car and know she made it home safely.

She’ll have her own bedroom and bathroom with three roommates. The apartment is furnished so her room here will be kept “as is” for when she comes home to visit.

She’s not too happy that Cassidy will be moving into her room. It’s bigger and there’s no point in letting it sit empty, except on the weekends when she visits, so we’re just switching their rooms. Cassidy is already planning the d├ęcor and arrangement of her furniture and will probably volunteer to help her pack next week!

We’re all going to miss you, Nawen. Maybe we’ll all just go with you! Ha!


teedee said...

How exciting!
Carri - you never had room-mates, but it is so much fun! Party, party, party!!!
Lauren - You will love it! Just a little bit of advice from someone who had tons of roommates!
Go over the rules before you move in, like groceries! Designate a shelf for yourself in the refrigerator & pantry. Make sure everyone knows that those are YOUR cookies for YOU, when YOU want to eat them & that if anyone does eat them, they MUST replace them with in 24 hours(same with ice-cream).
Talk about chores. Who will do what & when. You will be so grossed out when you learn of some people's dirty habits.
Lastly, talk about "off-nights". I promise there will be people in & out at all times of the day & night. You will need time for homework & for yourself at least once a week!
Remember that once you live with someone, you probably won't be their friend when you move out. This is normal. You will all fight! Be prepared.
Above all, have fun & make sure your mother & all her friends *me* are invited to the bon-fire! It rocks!!

Carri said...

She already stashes food in her room to hide it from us. Chores? Ha! She thinks a bath tub cleans itself. I might post a picture of her room before she goes. You'd have to see it to believe it. It's a wonder she can find her way out each day. She vows she'll be a clean freak when she has her own place. We'll see!

Maybe I need to buy her a noise maker.

I really am excited for her.

Carri said...

A noise maker to drown out the noise. Isn't that what you have, Teedee?

Ronni said...

I think I shall copy TeeDee's advice for Brendan, who will be going away next year.

As he is my last, I'm looking at waaaa...aaay too much peace and quiet after he's gone.

I wish he were going to be as close as College Station!

He doesn't like maroon. (shhh...)

Carri said...

What? He doesn't like maroon?
What about burnt orange?
I'm hoping the daughters and grandsons will keep you busy.

Shelli Perry said...

Your leaving!!!!????? I'm going to miss you! You better say goodbye before you leave. :(

Love ya,

P.S. Everyone still drools over your picture in my office!! :)