Friday, October 19, 2007

Clever Engineering Caden Style

This morning Caden was making himself two slices of peanut buttter toast for breakfast as I was making a cup of coffee. I saw that he was struggling and trying not to make a mess so I offered to finish it for him. He'd already done one piece and as I took the knife from him, said, "Mom, don't do that one, I already did it and I left a clean spot for my thumb to hold onto it".

He'd spread the peanut butter all over, leaving a small spot on the corner of the bread uncovered, so that he could hold onto it without dirtying his fingers with peanut butter. Smart Boy!

We got a good laugh out of it and thought it was quite clever on his part.


teedee said...

Well, he won't be digging ditches in Galena Park. That's for sure. Way to go, Caden. Get your resume together in the next few yesrs & I'll create you a job in Real Estate.

tangled in ribbons said...

You've got some great kids girl! :)

Kelli said...

That is too funny! Good thinking Caden!! ha