Thursday, February 08, 2007

Watch Your Step, MeMe!

My poor mother suffered quite a fall down the hardwood stairs at my brother's home this morning. We're still not sure if my sister-in-law pushed her or oiled down the stairs yet. HA!

Actually, we're all laughing about it now but apparently it wasn't pretty. She spent the night over there last night to help out with the kids this morning. She was coming down the stairs and when she got to the landing she missed the first step and fell face first all the way down. The stairs are hardwood and so is the floor at the bottom. She landed face down, arms spread and the top of her head actually cracked the wooden hall tree that sat at the base of the stairs. It could've been much worse but she's okay. She's scraped, bruised and sore but nothing is broken.

We are warped and always laugh at this kind of stuff after the fact. My niece and sister-in-law thought she was going to be covered in blood when she lifted her head but she wasn't. She wouldn't let them help her up (she's too ticklish) and needed a moment to recover before trying to turn herself over and get up.

I talked to her earlier and asked her if it hurt while it was happening or only afterwards. She laughed at the question and indicated it was indeed quite painful. She mentioned feeling her b**bs hitting each step all the way down. Ouch!

I'm glad you're okay, mom! I love you. P.S. Are you going to sue them? HA!


Anonymous said...

well, did i have to fall down the stairs to get an article? for all my many fans, i am doing fine. just have many bruises and aches. thank you carri,

mom (meme)

teedee said...

Okay, Pamela Anderson!! Is it time to get a reduction?????
I'm glad you're okay.

Darla said...

Gosh, George, glad you are okay. Be careful!

paul/dad/granpa said...

atta way to go George...we can outtough these kids anyday, can't we. I took a 'high' dive off my front steps about four mo ago, landed head first and didn't break anything. I did land on some fire ants and that got my up a little quicker than I wanted too..glad you be OK'...and NO' I wasn't drinking (that much)