Monday, February 26, 2007

Hockey Night in Houston

My dad and I took the kids to a hockey game Friday night. It was a first for all of us. We had fun. Hockey fans have some different traditions and we got a kick out of some of them. There were lots of cow bells ringing and special hockey songs. I never knew what a zamboni was until Friday night. I'd seen one but never knew it had a special name other than an ice cleaner, and never dreamed there was actually a song about them. The game itself was very fast paced and sometimes hard for me to follow where the puck was at times, but it was enjoyable. We went into overtime and had an extra period and then got to experience "sudden death". We lost by one point. Or is it a goal? It took me a while to learn to say runs in baseball verses points and I'm not claiming to be a big hockey fan. Cassidy and Caden were disappointed that they didn't get to see some "blood". There was a lot of shoving up against the glass that got intense at times but we didn't get to see any blood.


Lesa said...

Hi Carri,

Jan used to get free tickets through the "Durham Herald's" advertising Dept. for games at the RBC Center in Raleigh to see the Hurricanes play. He usually sold them or gave them away, but one time, I said I wanted to go. I mean "free tickets", why not?

It cost us 6 bucks to park and we could barely make out the RBC Center on the horizon. By the time we hiked in, we were thirsty. After standing in line for about 30 minutes, we got a couple of 12 oz. hot draft beers and a small box of stale popcorn for only 9 bucks.

2-3 minutes into the game a puck was blasted into the crowd, scared me half to death, so I scrunched down a little in my frozen torture apparatus, distantly related to a seat.

A couple minutes later, this time on our side of the rink, another puck 'bout took the face off of an older lady a few rows away. Paramedics appeared almost instantaneously.

Jan & I looked at each other and nodded in unison. Didn't wait for the end of the quarter, half, period or what ever it is called, we took our frozen butts home.

I believe Hockey is best watched on a big screen TV. :-)

Miss you too sweetie, take care of yourself!

Kelli said...

Great pics!

Carri said...

That's too funny! The seats were actually more comfortable than what you described and they had nets and plex-glass surrounding us. The lady sitting with us did say they had a puck hit right underneath the seat where Cassidy was sitting two nights before we went. Man, getting hit by a puck would have to hurt.