Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ten Things

Since I can’t change the world, I wish I could at least change a few small things around me. Here are ten things that come to mind right off the top of my head. I could’ve easily listed twenty, or even thirty, but didn’t want to get carried away and have everyone reading here thinking I was just a big grouch. (Ha!)

I wish.............

1. I wasn’t the only person in my house who knew how to change the empty toilet paper roll.

2. The other four people I share a house with would flush the toilet after every use.

3. My husband wouldn’t use his side of the bed as a laundry hamper and shoe closet.

4. I could see the floor in my oldest daughter’s room.

5. My children wouldn’t take their socks off inside out.
(Folding them like that hasn’t broken them of the habit, either.)

6. My husband wouldn’t take his T-shirts and underwear off inside out. (He’s actually gotten better about his socks. I think he got the message that the kids didn't.)

7. My husband wouldn’t leave the shower nozzle in the ON position so that every time I go to start the water for a hot bath I get sprayed in the face. (Over the last few weeks there has been a slight improvement in the number of instances. It’s only taken nineteen years to get this far, so maybe there’s hope for him after all.)

8. Everyone in the house utilized the laundry basket or clothes hamper.

9. I wouldn’t find empty items put back in the refrigerator or pantry. (Ahem……anyone but me ever heard of a trash can? What good is an empty pop-tart box?)

10. Everyone rinsed the sink out after brushing their teeth. (Then again, what better things do I have to do than scrubbing dried globs of toothpaste from the sink? Well, I do have socks to fold. Plus I have to turn them right side out. How do you say that, anyway?)

There are plenty more where these came from, but I'll save those for another time. Feel free to add to this list in the comment section. I'm sure everyone has their own special list.


Paul said...

Hi Carri ..I just wanted to be first for a change.

Anonymous said...

regarding #10--scrape off the dried toothpaste and shape in balls and put in candy dish on the counter for mints...this might break them...i did it to my kids...

Kelli said...

You listed two that are on my list too! I definitely hate it when someone leaves the shower on and I can sprayed!!! The other one is the dried toothpaste in the sink, drives me nuts but I like the mints idea anonymous!!! Thanks. The #1 thing that I hate is when someone gets out of the shower and throws the wet towel on the bed....Grrrrrr!!

Kelli said...

I meant I "get" sprayed! LOL

Carri said...

Hey anonymous (I mean MOM),
Awwww man! No wonder those mints sucked!

teresa said...

Mom Burnett, that is hysterical! They weren't toothpaste covered cockroach mints were they??!!
I hate when my husband says: but I helped with the laundry... Are you asking me to thank you for washing your own dirty underwear?? Ahem, I don't think so.
Or, I vacuumed the the house today (proud smile). Its your freaking house, you should vacuum it.
Or, I'm really tired, I've been working all day. Excuse me, I work 8 hours, too & my 2nd job just started. I'm not getting paid AND I'm taking care of you, too b/c you act like a BIG, FAT, BABY.
Thanks, Carri. Now I'm mad all over again & I'm holding out for at least a month!!

Carri said...

Uho, Teresa. Now Jason's gonna hate me! Call me and I bet I can get you so worked up you'll hold out til next year. bahahahaha.

Lauren said...

Hi mom. Guess what. I'm here to stalk you now and I as well have a blog of my own.

And you CAN see the floor in my room!!!

prestonsgirl said...

Shower stuck on the "on" possition?!?! Call Sixteensisters!!! One of them will straighten it out. <3

~~~i've always hated that!
~~~nice entry!

Paul/dad/grandpa said...

Hey little ms Lauren, I want to visit your blog, maybe I can contribute something, like a house warming a leaky roof or something..let me know if I can help/ ..good luck--this is going to be good..the whole family is going to wind up in P.C jail ..your grandpaPaul

Carri said...

Lauren's blog is MIA. I think she's hiding out until further notice. It was a good one, too. Come back, Lauren. It's a family affair!

teresa said...

Yeah, Lauren. Its like All in the Family "MeatHead". (your probably too little to know where that quote came from). Come back. If you're scared, then say you're scared.

Paul said...

I have about 50 things I wish I could change, but I can only remember two of them and I left them on one of the blogs but I can't remember which one: what does this mean??

Paul said...

That worked, stop trying, and it just comes--the two things are...........?..........?

#1. I wish that every time I borrow something from someone, and they borrow it back, they would at least remember where they got it from, and bring it back without my having to ask them!!

#2. I can't remember it right now because Patty just came in and it has something to do with her:

48&1/2 to go, ..this is not going to be easy.

Kelli said...

Lauren, I want to read your blog!