Friday, September 12, 2008

Yikes! Just Waiting on Ike

We’re preparing for Hurricane Ike’s arrival tonight. Things are pretty chaotic around here. The wind is picking up and it looks eerie outside. We have everything we need and have made all of the necessary preparations. I expect to lose power pretty early in the storm, and to be without it for an extended period of time (but would love to be wrong).
The candles and flashlights are ready to go. We have ice, water, food, etc. We’re letting the dogs inside soon and putting the air mattress in the living room, where we will all stay together throughout the night.
The cell phones are charged and we hope to have service to keep in touch with our family and friends who are also riding out the storm.
Lauren was supposed to be home this weekend. By mid-week we knew we might be in the path of Ike and it became obvious that she should stay in College Station. They’re going to get bad weather and hurricane force winds, but she’ll be safer there than she would be here. I just wish she was with us because I think we will be just fine. She’s worried about us and we’re worried about her. I don’t like being away from her during all of this.
We’re watching local coverage while we still can. Galveston is already a mess and Ike won’t be making landfall until the early morning hours.
I’m sure my phone will be in overdrive tonight as I try to make contact with all of my friends and family throughout the night. I hope we don’t lose service.
I pray that we all weather this storm with minimal damage.
We just lost power but its back on for the time being, so I better go and hope I can post this before it’s off for good.
No time for spell check!
We love you, Nawen! Wish we were together but glad you are safer where you are.


Karen said...

I believe it's officially time to "hunker down" and do your best to stay dry. Keep us updated as much as you can.
I have family and lots of friends and bloggy friends in Texas. So all you Texans will be in my prayers tonight. Lauren too!

Ronni said...

Hope all is well...

teresa said...

Please tell me you didn't stay there. Please tell me you took the mandatory evacuation serious. My mom left on Thursday & they still can't go back to her house. I think they might let her zip code back in tomorrow. She finally was able to call me this afternoon as service was finally back on. She has no idea what she will come home to tomorrow.
We need an update blog...