Monday, September 15, 2008

Update from Lauren

Thank you so much to everyone who kept my family in their thoughts and prayers this past weekend. All of our family and loved ones are safe and grateful no major damage has been done.

My mom requested I post an update blog since my family is still without electricity back home. I stayed in College Station and anticipated Ike to do a little more damage here in Aggieland than what was done, but thankfully nothing severe occurred and I still have air conditioning and running water.

Cell phones have been a big issue the past couple of days and I have only spoken to my mom a handful of times since Ike hit, our main conversations are in text messages. Our house withstood this ugly hurricane with minimal damage. We lost some shingles on the roof and the fences in the back yard are fallen down. Along with other minor things this is about the extent of the harm done.

They have been without power since the last post and are now running two fans, the fridge, and a T.V. off of a generator. Abby and Jaxon have to stay inside due to the lack of fencing, which I’m sure is quite interesting since we acquired a cat a few weeks ago…

I’ll leave the details for my mom to cover at a later date since this is all second-hand info and I wasn’t there to experience the eye of the hurricane… besides, she’s probably foaming at the mouth to share the stories ☺

My prayers and condolences go out to anyone who has suffered because of Hurricane Ike.


teresa said...

Thank you,Lauren. Very well written. Please keep posting.

Anonymous said...


I have been thinking about you and your family.

I hope that these rough times will pass and you can all laugh about it later.

Weather doesn't play favorites. Can't decide which I hate worse, 10days without heat during an ice storm...., or 10 days at 100°+ without AC.

We have had many 3 dog nights, if it weren't for them, we might not have made it.

Always remember and don't ever forget, the family that "bathes together...stays together".



Carri said...

It's been a while and is so nice to hear from you.
Oh, that would most definitely be a toss up. I have been up north when it's below zero and don't think I could hang on a regular basis.
Thank you for checking in and thinking of us.
We were spared any serious damage. So many people just miles away from here were much less fortunate.
I hope things are going well for you in NC.