Friday, January 18, 2008

The Picture Controversy

(Kim is on the far left)

Kim has made national news over an unfortunate incident that took place in November involving her 13-year-old daughter and two of her daughters friends. Below is a link to the original story from our local news.

Local news link

I was really blown away the day I logged onto my home page and saw Kim's photo staring back at me and then read the story. I thought it had blown over in the weeks following, but she was recently contacted by the Dr. Phil show and agreed to be on for a segment about mean girls and bullies. Kim and her daughter flew to California and filmed the show yesterday. The father of the accused girl was on The O'Reilley Factor a while back, and though I didn't see it, I heard O'Reilly wasn't very sympathetic to his argument in defense of his daughter.

The father has also set up a website in support of his daughter and has been rallying against the actions taken by the school district and the media attention. I spent much of last night reading his site but prefer not to post a link to it from here. It's very much a "he said/she said" kind of thing. Obviously, both sets of parents are trying to protect their daughters. It's actually a very unfortunate incident for everyone involved.

The controversy and argument for the father seems to be that the school district became involved in an incident that took place over a weekend in his home. The school became involved when the girls started sending the picture to other students during school hours on school property and punished those involved. I read that the girls have been reinstated to the cheerleading squad.

All of us girls (in the above photo) are talking about having a get together when the show airs. It's not everyday that someone you know and grew up with ends up being in the midst of a controversy that receives national attention. Of course, we all wish this had never happened in the first place.

I truly wish Kim and especially her daughter the best.

Note: If you're interested in reading more on this story google "**Alvin** cheerleader**".
The show will air on Monday, January 21st.


Anonymous said...

Now your blog is on the website you listed...

Ronni said...

There was an incident in the Round Rock school district, where a middle school teacher allowed a few of her students to create a school-sanctioned web page for her class. The page would appear under her name in a link from the school's site. The students she trusted to set this up photoshopped pictures of the teacher and her daughter to look as if they were nude.

The school admin would not even remove the offending students from her class, and she almost lost her job trying to get something done about the mess. All she could do was take down the page.

I am glad the Alvin school is acting in a reasonable manner.

Carri said...

It's a real shame that they wouldn't take care of their own, Ronni. I'm not sure what will come of this situation now that the girls have been reinstated to the cheer team.