Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Nephew, The Star!

My nephew, Tyler, has the lead male part in the annual school musical. We saw it last Friday night and were totally blown away by his talent. Who knew he could sing? It's not as if he's been singing in church for years or anything. He caught us all by surprise.

Our high school has a reputation for their always very successful musicals and they faced some challenges this year, so the local news did a segment on the show and an interview with Tyler and the female lead.

We're so proud. Go Tyler!

Here's a link to the news clip.

Annie Get Your Gun


Darla said...

Yeah Tyler! He was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I saw that on the news... had no idea that was your newphew but he was really good! Small world!

Carri said...

I know, he really was awesome and now he has pneumonia. They work those kids so hard from Christmas break until now.

Anonymous, do I know you???? :)

teedee said...

Yippee! I knew I'd know someone famous one day! Too bad he won't remember me!

tangled in ribbons said...

look here woman. i am going to FREAK OUT in here if someone doesn't entertain me. LOL.
my job's really boring so write something already! :)


Ronni said...