Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Mysterious Seemab and Huma Rashid

About four to six weeks ago I started receiving mail for a Seemab and/or Huma Rashid at my address. At first I just assumed it was an error and didn't think much of it until within days I was receiving five and six pieces of mail a day for these people from various mortgage companies. It appeared that they were applying for home loans but there was no information, other than my address, that indicated they were stealing my identity. I've just been tossing the mail because it was coming in mass quantities and I didn't need any additional stacks of paper lying around the house.

Last week I received a few "Welcome to the Neighborhood" coupons from local stores with their name on them. Again, I tossed just them since they weren't coupons for stores I shop at or anything I could use.

Yesterday I opened something from a National Deed Service Company and it has peaked my curiosity into finding out what exactly is going on here. I googled the names above and came up with nothing. The latest letter definitely appears to be a scam, but I'm questioning where the scam originated from and why all of this mail regarding mortgage loans suddenly started coming to my address for these people. It's odd.

The letter contains a "XXXX county recorder document number" from the county that I reside in.

The letter states:

Our records, obtained from public information, show that Property Deed Document # XXXXX recorded January 18, 2007 indicates your ownership interest in the property located at MY ADDRESS.

At the time you purchased your property, a deed was prepared that shows the title was transferred to you. The deed was recorded by the XXXXX County Recorder.

The US Govt Federal Citizen Information website recommends that property owners should have an official certified copy of their deed.

Okay, the remainder of the letter says they accept payments of $59.95 via check, money order or credit card.

Any ideas? Anyone out there familiar with scams of this nature or have any suggestions as to whether or not I should continue to throw the "Rashid's" mail away or actually be concerned? Obviously, I haven't been too worried about it since everything has been trashed.


Anonymous said...

i think i would ask my husband who is a cop to look into it or talk to my sister in law who knows about deeds, etc. don't throw anything else away.


Ronni said...

I'd be calling the County Clerk's office, the title company, and anyone else who might know what was happening to my home ownership. Don't let it slide, Carri.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carri,

I know nothing about the letter but just wanted to say HI!!! email me @

love ya,


nadine said...

Carrie, I'd do what Ronnie suggested. Also wouldn't hurt to talk to your District Attorney's office. And keep anything else you get in the mail for documentation.

There are red flags all over this.

Jenn said...

I got the same letter, so I called the XXXX County Clerk's Office to get the full story. They said that you can get a copy of your deed from them if you stop by in person for $0.25/page if you make the copy, or $1.00/page if they copy it for you. The clerk said that she had never seen a deed longer than 20 pages. You can find the phone number for the clerk's office on their web site. Given this info, I see no reason not to disregard the letter.

Carri said...

Thanks for the advice. I still get junk mail for these people. My sister-in-law looked up my property records and said everything appears to be in check, so I'm still tossing it in the trash.