Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm So Proud!

I think it's been mentioned here before that Lauren was going to modeling school. Well, a few months ago she was asked by a local photography company if she'd allow them to take photographs of her to be used on their website. In exchange for her services, she would receive some free photographs, which she used for her interview with the modeling school/agency.

She got a few of them back immediately but we just saw the ones shown on their website for the first time tonight. I'm very proud of you, Lauren!

There are seven photos of Lauren. Two of them are the same
with one being in black and white. You have to go to protraits,
gradutaing seniors, or induvidual portrait.


Anonymous said...

i think they are great also, but i am so so prejudice...looks just like me...
love that girl.

Shelli said...

You should be proud, she's beautiful, just like her mom!!!

paul/dad/grandpa said...

very nice Lauren..and the beatiful part is you have a delightful personality and a strong character on top of all ya Lauren granpa paul

teedee said...

Yea! Hot stuff. You've made us all proud, now go & make us all $$
Congratulations. You are beautiful!
Love Teresa

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Lauren!