Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

I never wore or needed glasses until I turned 38. Les didn’t either until he was also 38. For me, reading glasses were for “the elderly” and I absolutely refused to believe I needed them, even after the words on anything I was trying to read had become blurry.

After much reluctance on my part and Les’ insistence that I try out his glasses for reading, I broke down and gave them a try and they made a difference. I finally accepted the fact that I was indeed getting older and actually needed the dreaded reading glasses. At first it was only necessary at home and I kept a pair by the bed for reading. It wasn’t long until I started having issues at work on the computer and now keep a pair in my desk and also in my purse.

Les thinks I have an addiction to buying glasses now because I have accrued quiet a collection. I think I may own about 6 pair, maybe a few more. Is that really over the top? I think not. If I’m going to have to wear them I’d like to find a trendy pair and sometimes they don’t seem as flattering after I get them home. I haven’t yet splurged on a $20 pair but anytime I go into CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart, I can be found in the reading glasses section trying them on hoping to find a cute and stylish pair. I bought some Sarah Palin styled ones the other day.

Dollar General sells them for $5-$8 and they have some really cute ones. As a matter of fact, while out Christmas shopping Les and I stopped there to get some gift bags and both tried on reading glasses. We stood in front of the display case trying them on and comparing styles for a good ten minutes. It was then that I stopped and realized that we really were getting old. We were actually out shopping for reading glasses together. I’m thinking it can only good downhill from here. Next thing you know we’ll be out shopping for Fixodent and Depends.


Darla said...

hey old lady...those are cute. I'm glad it wasn't another poopoo story! HAHA!

teedee said...

Carri - Just go to the eye dr. I promise, they'll get you a pair that you can see really with!! Even better than reading glasses. Your insurance will pay for a portion of them!! You are a nut.

Carri said...

Oh, I have plenty of those stories for another day!!

Yeah, I probably should go one of these days. Les made an appointment recently so I'll wait and see what they do for him first. I HATED having my eyes dilated the one and only time I went. It ranked right up there with going to the gyne*cologist!

Ronni said...

You don't have to get dilated to get glasses! Trust me...I've worn them since I was 14.

And watch all that talk about elderly!