Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Explanation for the Lull

Obviously, I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’ve had a few loyal readers mention to me that they’re tired of checking here only to find that I still haven’t posted an update in almost two months.

Believe me, I love and miss blogging and have many failed attempts at a new entry saved to my drafts, but I just haven’t been able to produce a finished product. My brain has felt like mush. I think it might be writers block or so I’ve heard.

Truthfully, I’ve found myself in a bit of a funk since Ike hit back in September. Granted, we were luckier than so many and spared any serious damage, but things have still haven't got back to normal, and it’s been somewhat stressful. Between trying to maintain the house with two big SHEDDING dogs living in the house 24/7, (thanks to our insurance company dragging their feet and us still not having a fenced yard), my intense interest in following the missing toddler from Florida case, and my addiction to facebook, I have been letting my blog (among other things) fall by the wayside.

I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling more like myself again. Now, if I can just refrain from surfing the web for the latest information on Caylee Anthony and limit my facebook time, I might actually get around to updating more regularly. For now, this is all I’ve got but it's better than nothing, right?


Karen said...

I live in the same town as the Anthonys, and addicted to the story. Caylee Anthony-4 words- The mom did it. I wish they would resolve this case already, but she's not telling the truth about anything, so it just goes in circles.
I for one am happy to know you are still around and not quitting the blogging for good.

Anonymous said...

Come on Carri, you can do better than that =)Steph

teresa said...

Thanks for the update. I was worried about you. Looking forward to your next entry.

Carri said...

I can't believe someone finally found her but am so happy. Maybe George and Cindy will finally wake up and smell reality. I do sympathize for their loss and can't imagine accepting their daughter is responsible, but the LIES make it so obvious. Thanks for stopping by!
I know, Steph. I usually can but not so much lately.
Thanks, Teresa! No need to worry. I'm coming back around.....

Ronni said...

The trial is going to be just as big a circus. I'm beginning to think that anything Cindy Anthony turns her had to is destined for circus-hood.

Glad you're back!