Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caden!

Happy 12th Birthday, Caden!


Anonymous said...

What a good looking, fine, intelligent grandson I've got. I'm a lucky grandpa. I hope you realize that on your next birthday you will be a 'TEENAGER'.

Do ya know what happens then???--It is suggested by some (child experts?) that you are to be put in an empty wooden wine barrel, (while you age?) then the lid is nailed shut, and then your fed through a hole in the barrel until your eighteen.--

Then when you turn eighteen your parents are to plug the hole and all will go well for them according to Mark Twain. .. Happy Birthday Caden...I love you grandpaPaul ....

ps. unlike your grandpa, in your case, I doubt this will be necessary.

teedee said...

Caden, if they try to put you in a box/barrel, then jump on the next plane to Atlanta! We'll take care of you until you're 18! Happy Birthday!