Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We've had an awesome Christmas. Tonight concluded our fourth family get together of the month. We have a huge family and have been very busy. We'll do Santa in a few short hours and then lounge around all day tomorrow in our pj's, exhausted and just relaxing.

I'm including a new photo of "The Panari Tribe", taken after the candle light service at church tonight. (The two youngest are still nameless).

My parents are probably moving within the next year and we were all well aware that tonight was likely the last Christmas we would celebrate in the house that we grew up in. Before we opened presents, my mom asked everyone to take turns sharing their fondest memory in that house, including the grandkids. Everyone reminisced with lots and lots of laughter. Of course, no one had just "one" special memory to share, but several and it made it an extra special night.

I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas.
Jesus is the reason for the season! God Bless you all!


grandapaPaul/dad said...

What an awsom looking family, A blessed Christmas to you all and to all who read your blog.

Thank's Caden for the nice message on my cell, you are the best kids in the world. Because youall are in it, my life just couldn't get any better. I am so happy, my life just gets better and better thanks to youall. I love you all ...grandpaPaul/dad

Ronni said...

Carri, it must have been sort of bittersweet. I'm glad you had the opportunity.

tangled in ribbons said...

same thing right back to you missy!!!! i'm current but ur not! Christmas is long gone, let's get it together yo! :)

Carri said...

I know, I saw that you were two up on me!
I'm slacking, I know, I know! But I'm working on it. :)

tangled in ribbons said...

woman! u better get to work over the weekend! this is borderline rediculous. :)