Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm It!

Ronni tagged me back several months ago, but I procrastinated and never got around to posting. Now Darla has tagged me so I better go ahead this time and share eight random things you may or may not know about me.

1. I really like old people. They really touch my heart, even more than most kids do.

2. I’m terrified of parking garages, even in the daylight. They totally creep me out, especially if I have to do the elevator or stairs all alone.

3. I still love Urban Cowboy, Breakfast Club, Footloose and Steel Magnolias. I can’t change the channel if I come across any of them playing.

4. My first bike was a pink Huffy. My brother’s friend broke my seat and my dad replaced it with a blue banana seat. It was very mismatched and I was so mad but still rode that thing all over town.

5. I loved Barbie’s. The last time I actually played was my ninth grade year of high school in Susie Hiskey’s attic. I never wanted to outgrow Barbie’s!

6. My first real kiss was Tater Cox during spin the bottle at a party in seventh grade. He was later accidentally shot and killed by a friend the summer before his senior year. The entire town was shocked and devastated. He was an all American boy. I always think of him when I hear two Kenny Chesney songs.

7. I was afraid to spend the night away from home until Jr. High. I would go, but call home when it was time for lights out and mom would always have to come and get me. I was a big chicken butt!

8. I was President of Student Council my seventh and eight grade years. My mom made me the coolest campaign signs with catchy slogans, like sticks of gum with wrappers that read “Stick with Carri for President”. I had to speak in front of many schools from all over Houston at this one event and had terrible stage fright but I somehow got through it.

Now I have to tag eight people. I don’t know eight-bloggers who haven’t already been tagged so I’m tagging my blog-less friends and they can just post in my comments section. (unless like Jenn, they have a blog to post to)

Teresa (teedee)
Jennifer (Preston’s Girl)
Iptnetworkers (Come on! Don’t be shy. I’m curious to know who you are, Cottleville, Missouri!)
Stephanie W.


tangled in ribbons said...

funny, i get Cottleville, Missouri too....

Carri said...

Maybe they'll reveal their identity or at least something about them. I miss you, Jenny from the block!

Kelli said...

Carri tagged me so I guess I need to talk about something. I am not much of a writer like she is.

1. I wasn’t much of an animal lover until I got my two cats and dog. They seem to grow on you especially the dog. I think she has been testing me lately. First, she got hit in the head by a baseball bat (on accident), had to make a trip to the vet. She managed to pull through that then she decides she wants to make a flying leap off the balcony at the bay house. I managed to skin my whole knee and toe up by grabbing her by one leg right be fore she goes over - now that is love for an animal!

2. I drink way too much coffee but I just love the stuff. If I ever win the lotto, my house will have a Starbuck’s in it!!

3. I love to cook but have picky kids so I don’t experiment too much with different recipes.

4. I hate washing clothes and cleaning house with a passion! One of these days, I will own that washer that washes 16 pairs of jeans!

5. I miss my sister sometimes, just not close like we used to be.

6. My daughter now wants a Chi , a cell phone and a laptop. If some of you don’t know, she is only 3.

7. I am taking a girls weekend trip soon to Wimberley that I am excited about.

7. Finally, I believe that if you have love in your heart, you can overcome any obstacles you run into in your life.

tangled in ribbons said...

I miss u too girlie, we should get out sometime! :)

Darla said...

that's soooo sad about Tater Cox! I remember when we COULD ride our bikes all over town. We used to go to the store for my mom all the time with a gallon of milk in a bag hanging off our handlebars! Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

1. Everyone knows how much I love my family. I am proud of all my children...One of them could call me more often. Yes, I really enjoyed joining in and helping them when they were in school.
2. And everyone really knows how much I love ALL my grandchildren--all 10 of them. Everyone thinks I have one favorite, but they are are so special and are favorite. I love watching them in sports and all they do. I am so very proud of them...and as someone once told me, "there's not a dog in the bunch."
3. I am a planner and an organizer. (One wouldn't know this by looking at my home.) Our whole family takes a family vacation every summer and I need to have all my eggs in one basket ahead of time...They have finally given up and just let me plan it for the most part.
4. I hate Houston traffic. If I have to get out of familiar territory, I just cringe.
5. I am afraid of most animals...well, all animals...with the exception of a very, very few.
6. I have many my girls can attest to go antiquing...
7. I am afraid of retiring and growing old.
8. I love to cook and entertain; but I hate being fat.

Anonymous said...



Carri said...

Thanks for playing...............